Maybe the APK file which you are trying to open is corrupted. And if that’s the case, there is no such possibility that you can open the file. If you have received the file from someone, ask the person to send it again.

Microsoft Word is a good place to maintain your to-do record. Its integrations with the remainder of Microsoft Office allow you to hyperlink to any apps you would possibly want. There are 3 ways to create checklists in Microsoft Word. While it used to only be a premium option, you can now install it for free for personal use. The easiest method is with the browser version. Simply go to and log in using your Microsoft account.

How To Install Google Play Store(Computer Method):-

Therefore, the only way to run Windows on a Chromebook it to hack your device. Click the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen. You now have Kodi for Chromebook, and you’re ready to stream. Select an app, view the app’s details, and then select Add to Chrome.

Now that you have apps organized into folders, you might want to rearrange them in the app drawer. You can place the most-used apps/folders at the very top and push the ones you rarely use to the bottom of the drawer. Open the app drawer, long press and drag an app on top of another app, and then drop it.

  • ADB is a tool that allows app developers to test their software but can also be used to sideload APKs.
  • You’ll see Javascript listed as the third item down in the pop-up window that appears.
  • Android is the interface between the user and smartphones, and the APK file is a software package specific to this type.
  • For general users, Snaps offer a big advantage as they can be found in places such as the official Snap Store and installed with one click or a single command line code.

That means it generates 7 times more superheated air than similar appliances. 8-in-1 simply ApkSavers indicates the air fryer grill has 8 cooking presets. Google Play is a giant online apps store for downloading/installing Android apps and games in Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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If you want to learn more hacks about Chromebooks and Chrome OS then stay tuned with us as we bring some interesting guides for you in the coming days. As for now, we have covered the best Chrome OS apps and Chromebook games in detailed articles so check that out. Open the Terminalandtype the below command to sideload the Android app on Chrome OS. In your case, you will have to change the app name in place of firefox.

Steps to Install Chikii APK Mod on Android devices?

Back up any files you need to the cloud before proceeding. Also, remove any external devices attached to your Chromebook. You can now access your Android app on your app drawer. You can now install APKs on your Chromebook without compromising your security or losing your data and Chromebook warranty. Because of this, you’ll need to be careful to exit Developer Mode right away. Pressing the wrong button can instantly re-wipe your Chromebook’s data.

That’s all, now you have opened your file on Android. In the first step you need to download the Google Android SDK software. This software will be used for opening the file. In the first step you need to download the Google Android SDK, Apple Archive Utility and BlueStacks software. The first step is to download the Google Android SDK, BlueStacks, Corel WinZip, 7-Zip and RARLAB WinRAR software.